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The clear choice in pharmacy benefit management.

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Public Sector

Your good steward partner.

ClearScript’s public sector clients, being not-for-profit organizations, are under pressure to be good stewards of their community’s tax dollars. ClearScript understands this distinct challenge and brings you a broad range of public sector-focused solutions. Benchmarking data, healthcare utilization review, and data analytics come as a standard part of ClearScript’s offerings. These in-depth reports and the consultation we provide will ensure you are meeting your performance goals and accountability needs.

Accountable & Fully Auditable

ClearScript is accountable for our services. We are fully transparent in our business operations, and we are the cooperative partner you need through the audit process from beginning to end.

Support for your members and your benefit plan

There is a prevalence of union contracts among public sector organizations, and they require a high standard of benefit offerings. We understand the complexity of union benefit set-ups and we have the flexibility to support your plan needs. ClearScript’s programs help members choose cost-effective pharmacy options to make the most of their Voluntary Employee Benefit Accounts (VEBA). Our straightforward contract terms and fees are clear and easy to understand.

ClearScript’s tailored solutions combined with our cost-saving programs prove that we are the clear choice for your pharmacy benefit needs.

Learn more about how we’ve helped companies with Specialty Coupon Strategies, Rare Disease Management, 340B and many other clinical programs.

20% savings for plans switching from other PBMs in 2021
Cost containment to bend your pharmacy benefits curve
$900+ saved on average by Fairview Specialty Pharmacy Finance Advocates on specialty script

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