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Paul Karow PharmD

Vice President, Chief of Operations

Portrait of Paul Karow

Paul provides overall strategic leadership to ClearScript’s Operations teams and is responsible for oversight and direction of clinical programs and services, account management, product development, client commitments, and implementations.

Since graduating from pharmacy school, Paul has spent nearly his entire career in pharmacy leadership. He brings over a decade of pharmacy leadership experience, including retail pharmacy, government programs, medication therapy management (MTM) case management, and pharmacy benefits management (PBM). Paul’s diverse experience in the PBM industry has allowed him to be a key decision-maker within formulary and benefits operations, prior authorizations, clinical program development, executive clinical consultation, and client account management.

Paul holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Minnesota. Away from ClearScript, you will find Paul enjoying time outdoors, traveling with his family, fishing, and woodworking.