Specialty Drug Program

ClearScript’s specialty drug program starts with formulary and utilization management initiatives to ensure the right specialty medications are used by your members who need them.

  • Our two-tier specialty formulary option steers members toward medications with the lowest total net cost.
  • A three-tier specialty formulary option enables your plan to take advantage of less expensive biosimilar drugs as they come to market.
  • Therapy management programs provide enhanced pharmacy outreach, support, and clinical monitoring for many high-cost conditions to help improve patient adherence, satisfaction, and outcomes. Member participation can be voluntary or mandated by your plan. 
  • Physician engagement programs encourage cost awareness and help ensure prescribing of the most appropriate specialty drugs and dosages. 
Service and Expertise

Fairview Specialty Pharmacy, our Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC)  accredited specialty pharmacy partner and recipient of the prestigious Specialty Pharmacy of the Year Award, is the nation’s leading specialty pharmacy operated by an academic health system. This enables our program to stay up-to-date with emerging treatments. Your members will value:

  • An easy orientation process.
  • Fast turnaround for medication delivery.
  • The convenience of having non-specialty prescriptions included with specialty shipments. 
  • Patient Financial AdvocatesSM to help with benefits investigation, billing questions, prior authorizations, and investigating sources of financial assistance.

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