Pharmacy Programs

ClearScript’s pharmacy programs are designed solely to benefit your members and your plan. That’s why we actively encourage you to consider all of them for implementation. Current programs include:

  • Formulary Management –provides overall quality of care to your members while helping reduce your plan’s drug spend.
  • Prior Authorization – encourages safe, cost-effective medication use by allowing coverage only when certain conditions are met.
  • Step Therapy – promotes the most cost-effective drug therapy based on safe, clinically-accepted treatment guidelines.
  • Quantity Limits – supports safe, clinically-appropriate and cost-effective use of medications.
  • Generic Advantage Program – provides members with a financial incentive to switch from a brand name drug to a generic equivalent, with three incentive options available to your plan.
  • Adherence reporting – identifies members with a lapse in therapy.
  • Exclude at Launch – promotes responsible management of new-to-market medications
  • Half Tablet Program – gives your plan and members ability to save up to 50 percent on certain medications.
  • Narcotics Drug Utilization Review Program – helps your plan promote appropriate utilization of medications with a high potential for misuse.
  • OTC Equivalent Program – offers your plan the flexibility to choose the level of cost control for formulary medications that have over-the-counter equivalents or alternatives. 
  • Partial Fill Program – helps control the cost of expensive specialty medications while promoting better health outcomes.

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