Hospitals and health systems have unique pharmacy benefit challenges and opportunities. The innovative ClearScript family of programs was developed by a health system and brings flexibility and performance that are hard to find anywhere else.


We offer a free assessment to see how much value ClearScript can add to your benefit plan. Our unique, measurable optimization process analyzes your existing PBM program and pinpoints gaps and savings opportunities. We will then make specific recommendations to improve your pharmacy benefit program.

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PBM Services

Our core services include a large nationwide pharmacy network, a state-of-the-art claims platform, a 24/7 customer service help line, and online account access for members including pharmacy locator, drug pricing, preferred drug search, and claims history.

Account Services

Our approach to account management is different than many other PBMs. We purposefully keep our customer assignments low so that our clients and members receive high-quality service.

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Specialty Drug Program

Our innovative, hands-on specialty drug program is designed to help members with complex, costly conditions comply with specialty prescription requirements and receive optimal outcomes.

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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

We help members with chronic conditions get the best results from their prescriptions, holding down overall health care costs by ensuring appropriate use of medications and reducing the need for physician visits, urgent care, ER visits and hospitalizations.

Transparency and accountability

We fully disclose fees and go the extra mile to be held accountable for our performance. We will win your trust and maintain it with a transparent business model and dedicated assessment and optimization process.

Pharmacy Programs

Our pharmacy programs help manage drug cost, usage, waste and dosage while optimizing health outcomes for your members. We urge you to consider every program option.

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Mail Service Program

Our mail service program provides 90-day fills and quick delivery and earns high customer satisfaction scores. Members can begin mail service with a simple phone call, and can request ongoing refills online. Your members will have quick access to mail service representatives as well as pharmacists for medication counseling.

Leveraging Your Pharmacy Operations

If your organization has its own pharmacy capabilities, ClearScript can help leverage them to support your business and member health goals through your pharmacy benefit. We will gladly provide more information about these integration capabilities.

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