Total Transparency and Accountability

ClearScript money in pill bottleClearScript practices 100 percent transparency and accountability.
  • We fully disclose all fees in proposals and contracts with our clients.
  • We have no other sources of income apart from our contracted, fully disclosed fees that are designed to align with your objectives.
  • We don't seek to profit from increased drug utilization.
  • Your total drug benefit cost is lower as a result.
Simplified fee structure
Traditional PBM pricing is unnecessarily complex, making it difficult for you to manage your healthcare benefit expenses.

With ClearScript, you'll clearly understand the administration fee your plan is charged. Our transparent pricing model is amazingly simple and fully aligned with your business objectives. No surprises. No hidden charges. Total control.

No hidden mark-ups We've eliminated the "retail spread" that is common with many other programs. The price the pharmacy is paid for a prescription is the same price charged to your plan. We do not artificially mark-up the cost of the claim, and we provide fast, flexible reporting for you to audit.

Aligned financial incentives
We fully disclose and share manufacturers' rebates with you. When rebates are available, we will take advantage of those that benefit you. We make sure you understand how a given offer is structured and whether it is to your advantage.

We do not sell your employee drug utilization data to drug manufacturers, who might use this information to market to physicians as a method of building market share for expensive brand name medications. We are committed to generic maximization, which decreases your benefit costs.