ClearScript Receives PBMI Rx Innovation Award 
Minneapolis, MN, February 24, 2012 – ClearScript announced that it received a prestigious Rx Innovation Award from the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) at the 17th Annual Drug Benefit Conference on February 23.

PBMI provides research and education to help health care benefit executives work with pharmacy benefit managers and other professionals to design prescription drug benefit programs. It also provides a forum for purchasers to exchange ideas and drive marketplace changes that improve pharmacy benefits and control costs.

The recipients Rx Innovation Award are selected based on their overall originality, strength of reported results, and potential to improve patient outcomes.

“Our 2012 award recipients have demonstrated creative thinking by designing solutions to address numerous challenges in prescription drug programs,” said Brenda Motheral, BPharm, MBA, PhD, Executive Director, PBMI. “Their example will inspire other plan sponsors to implement one or more of these approaches in their own populations.”

ClearScript, a non-profit, health system based PBM, was recognized for its innovative PBM business model, which includes fee-based transparency, auditable pass-through pricing containing no spread, 100 percent pass-through of rebates, a single MAC list relative to retail and mail, no sales of prescription data to vendors, and shared interest in plan sponsor financial outcomes and plan member health.

“Using this model and the clinical expertise of its founder, Fairview Health Services, ClearScript was able to save Fairview $11.17 per prescription over its previous PBM – for a total of $2.6 million in annual cost savings,” said Motheral. “Since 2005, ClearScript’s drug trend has fallen by 7.7 percent, and its book of business generic fill rate was 80.4 percent in 2011.”

For more information about the award, go to the PBMI
Rx Benefit Innovation Awards Program page.