Medication Therapy Management
Our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services help members with chronic conditions get the best results from their prescriptions, holding down overall health care costs by ensuring the appropriate use of a member's medications and reducing the need for physician visits, urgent care, emergency room visits and hospitalization.
  • Our MTM services are available using a virtual or in-person model for pharmacist-patient consultations.
  • A specially trained pharmacist becomes a critical part of each patient's clinical care team.
  • The pharmacist, physician and patient work together to help the patient understand his or her drug therapy, identify drug-related problems, remove lifestyle barriers to compliance, prevent interactions and optimize treatment.

Wellness with a return on investment
Your organization can expect tangible, ongoing results from MTM services, which consistently provide a 3-to-1 or better return on investment. Clinical outcomes can be life-changing: Our clients experience dramatic improvement in the numbers of their members reaching their health goals via participation in MTM services.