Accountability Commitment to Health Systems
A new model of accountability for PBM services 
Stock_FPS_FPN_HospMgmt07_LrgVert_KS85214As a PBM with health system origins, ClearScript understands the pressure that healthcare providers are under to adopt new standards of accountability for patient care. We believe it's time for the PBM industry to do the same. It's no longer enough for a PBM to be paid regardless of how it manages your health plan. PBMs, like health systems, need to be held accountable for results.

ClearScript is committed to full transparency and accountability. We have no other sources of income apart from our contracted, fully disclosed fees that are designed to align with your objectives. Just as your health system is accountable for patient care, we will go the extra mile to be held accountable for our performance with you.

Ask us about a customized agreement designed to bring tangible improvements to your drug benefit plan.

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