Flexible, Aggressive Cost ContainmentClearScript Clinical Programs

ClearScript cost trends are among the lowest in the industry, year after year. How? Through transparent pricing and our aggressive implementation of clinical programs, which provide savings side-by-side with pharmaceutical expertise:

Maximizing generic utilization
Make use of lower cost generic equivalents when clinically appropriate instead of brand name medications.

OTC savings
Encourage use of lower cost over-the-counter products rather than prescription medications when clinically appropriate.

Tablet splitting
Save money by buying double-dosage tablets and splitting them in half.

Stock_PHRFHI03_LrgVert_Collateral-Photos-005Step therapy
Start drug therapy for a chronic condition with the lowest-cost-yet-clinically-appropriate medication, and step up to a more expensive medication only if necessary.

Medication Therapy Management
Lower the overall healthcare expenses of chronically ill, medication-intensive employees through a reduction in unnecessary clinic, urgent care and ER visits and hospitalizations.

Specialty Pharmacy Program
Apply a proactive, case-managed approach to those employees suffering from chronic conditions (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, cystic fibrosis) needing high-cost drug therapy regimens.